The Casa’s cause

Casa Group

The Instituto Casa do Todos is a space for community action that became a service network designed to All, all people who come to us. The aim of our work is to serve and multiply actions that enable the expression and impression of people’s relationships with themselves and others.

It is the expression of a movement that believes in the human being and their potential for affection and creativity. It springs from the assurance that affection grows bigger and stronger as people and their stories meet. The Casa is thus characterized as a therapeutic space for art and coexistence for all people who have that desire.

The Casa is driven by the support to the people assisted by therapists, whose role is to monitor and observe the movement of nature and of the objective and subjective worlds that emerge from relationships and the creative space. This is how the Casa’s therapeutic is fostered: believing that the person is the one who does the work and makes the necessary creations and transformations to maintain his/her psychic life.

What happens at Casa do Todos

  • Workshop programs on art, body language, cooking, foreign languages, gardening/vegetable gardening (composting), music, oral/text genres (e.g., creation of news pieces and comic books) and personal care.
  • Therapeutic monitoring.
  • Care services for about 230 people per month.

What Casa Group does at Casa do Todos

  • Volunteer work through English lessons.
  • Cultural tours with the assisted groups.
  • Donation of cleaning/hygiene products, clothes, food and money.
  • Fundraising during lectures held by Casa Group.
  • Projects based on the coaching methodology.
  • Integration and use of projects conducted at Casa do Todos in coaching sessions to stimulate and inspire individuals.


The work carried out at the Instituto Casa do Todos is highly viable: it has been in place for 23 years, and it has been growing both in amount of people assisted and positive results.

The impact and the echo of such work is made known as it continues to attract people who seek our assistance programs to be received and cared for.

More and more willing people are coming and joining us in creating a coexistence space made of giving and receiving.

Naturally, this work is made possible thanks to the network of people assisted, focusers as well as on-site and remote associates that support the trust in the purpose of the Instituto.

Want to help?

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R. Conceição de Monte Alegre, 1578 - Brooklin
São Paulo/SP, Brazil