The professional

Ana Cristina Casagrande


Life is too short for rehearsals.
Take the stage, it’s showtime!

Have you ever thought about moving abroad for personal or professional growth purposes? Switching careers after years in the market? Starting from scratch, pursuing something completely new? Changing habits, improving relationships, shifting paths, growing? Using a language you’ve studied for years but still doesn’t feel you can speak?

What stops you from doing that?

I’m Ana Cristina Casagrande, Trilingual Lead Trainer & Transition Head Coach, and I have been through each of the aforementioned transformations. I taught languages for many years and, close to 40, I decided to do more and coaching gave the push I needed to change my career path.

Yes! You can!

This challenging experience and the preparation I sought laid the foundation for me to be able to help and support people who are looking for more, providing them with tools to deal with frustrations, fears, insecurities, comfort zones, obstacles, and do something different NOW.


I support people in crucial moments, as they plan and execute challenging decisions quickly and confidently. In this process, we focus on changing the individual’s energy level and embracing the present moment, that is, how to make the present moment enjoyable and make the most of the place you are today so the transition happens as smoothly as possible, no matter how long it takes.

I build a co-creative relationship with each client, seeking new meanings for what doesn’t make sense anymore, finding new perspectives in the outside world, and exploring the inside world. My job is not to give you answers, but help you find them.

What’s your dream?

Elevate your energy and turn your dreams into reality!
Ana Cristina Casagrande – The Coach & Trainer

After working for 25 years in my original field of activity, I embraced the Lead Trainer & Head Coach specialty. I trained at the iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) through the Life & Leadership Potentials Training program’s Core Energy Coaching & Energy Leadership process, in the US, and at the Instituto Brazileiro de Coaching (Brazilian Coaching Institute). I frequently attend courses and workshops, including, most recently, the Ericksonian Hypnosis at the ACT Institute, and the Extensive Master Practitioner at Sociedade Brazileira de PNL, focused on Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I have lived in countries like the US, Germany, and France, at different times, seeking personal and professional growth.

The Life & Leadership Potentials Training at iPEC, for which I had to pack my bags and move to another country, qualified me to support people through different transformations. Today, I witness my clients’ achievements in terms of personal and professional transformation, career transition, goals, and moving abroad (see some of our success stories in RESULTS).

I qualify individuals and teams from Brazilian and international companies by providing training, workshops, lectures, and coaching – in either Portuguese, English or Spanish – that improve the quality of communication and leadership, strengthen teams, and boost results (learn more in TRAINING and CASA SCHOOL).
Coaching comprises the use of a qualification methodology whose purpose is to improve humans – in one or more areas of life (Learn more in COACHING).


Our fears and insecurities tend to stop us from doing what we want. Through specific techniques and tools, you can get to know yourself better, overcome these fears, and make the change your life needs. Additionally, those looking to practice a second and maybe a third language can have sessions in English, Portuguese, or Spanish.


Teams that work better yield better results. Investing in training each member of your team, enabling them to grow personally and professionally, will make a big difference in your bottom line, as happier people who know themselves better are more productive.
You can choose the kind of session that’s most convenient to you and best fits your schedule:
  • Face to Face: sessions are conducted face to face, at the coach’s office or in companies, provided there’s a considerable number of clients.
  • Online: ideally suited for people who have busy schedules or prefer to attend sessions from home or work.

The Trilingual Training and Coaching Services are also a great opportunity for Trainers and Coaches who speak English and/or Spanish fluently and wish to improve their use of technical terms to serve foreigners.

Energy Leadership Index Assessment / ELI (iPEC certified)

The Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI) measures your energy level based on your attitudes towards work and life. The answers you get by completing the assessment are an invaluable tool for you to reach your full potential at work and in life, changing your approach to problems, and reshaping your attitudes and worldview.
Available in English and Spanish only.


DISC Behavioral Assessment (IBC certified)

The DISC behavioral assessment is designed to understand how each employee deals with the environment around them, and the reasons behind their behaviors, actions, and reactions. The answers you get by completing the assessment are an invaluable tool to get to know yourself better and make the necessary adjustments – whether it’s you or your environment that needs to change.

They will focus on the element that is essential for everything in life: your energy. It sounds simple and indeed it is: you put energy into everything you do! That energy gives you drive, willingness, and courage to take risks.

The reality is: your energy is either going up or down. Thus, through tried-and-true techniques, the process leads to think:
  • How to let go of beliefs that stymie my growth, keep my energy level high to put shelved projects into motion, or resume my unfinished projects?
  • How to embrace reality and attract energy that pushes me forward, opening doors to new possibilities?
  • How to change myself instead of others?
  • How to manage time, set priorities, and get my act together?
  • How to adjust expectations and make Plan B as appealing – or even more – than A?
  • How to find out whether I’m the right person at the wrong place, be it professionally or in my personal relationships?
As your Trainer and Coach, I’ll collaborate with you to find out HOW and come up with strategies. You have everything you need to overcome obstacles, maximize your potential, achieve solid results, and grow. My job will be to help you access them.