Casa School

Lectures, workshops, and other activities that are opportunities to learn more about yourself or even some other specific topic in a relaxed way.

English Outside the Classroom

Are you interested in our lectures, workshops, and events, but doesn’t speak Portuguese fluently? We’ve got you covered! All of our events are also available in English.

Training on the Move
(also available in Spanish)

No time for a walk? A 1-hour Portuguese or Spanish training session? Or even a Personal or Professional Coaching session in English, Portuguese, or Spanish? Come walk with me in the park and at the same time train your mind, your Portuguese, Spanish, or even both of them.


Wine Down Wednesday

How about meeting new people, having interesting conversations, discussing some special topic, and relaxing drinking good wine? It’s a great opportunity for foreigners who want to do all of that, but don’t speak Portuguese fluently.


WORKSHOP | Who are You?

How about getting to know yourself better, boosting your performance, and doing something different and interesting in a relaxed environment?


WORKSHOP | Investing in You

What’s standing in your way to the top? Unravel the steps towards growth and the keys to success.


WORKSHOP | Bittersweet: Enhanced Communication

Want to enhance your communication skills, but don’t know how? Then this workshop is for you. Learn how to be clear, brief, and assertive. Learn how to listen to understand, not just to reply.


WORKSHOP | A Good Leader

Want to learn how your energy can elevate your team? Then this is the workshop for you. Teams are made of unique individuals, so learn how to be a unique leader, starting with your own leadership. Be a Leader that Inspires Action, not only a leader that demands actions.