Giving meaning is our purpose!

Casa Group

A new symbol that reflects the essence of what we do

Casagrande Tradução has been giving meaning to content in different languages for over 15 years and is now expanding its scope of action to reveal the meaning of ideas and behaviors.

Human relationships have always been part of our DNA. Thus, we have delved into the coaching methodology to provide professionals and companies with a unique service that addresses personal life and career planning in different languages.

This new formation has effectively directed our work at different niche markets, strengthening and expanding our purpose.

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Casa Group
Casa Tradução Casa Tradução maintains the same scope of action as the former Casagrande Tradução, offering translation, interpreting, editing, proofreading, subtitling, localization and transcription services. LEARN MORE
Casa Coaching Casa Coaching was born out of our desire to provide meaning to people. Through self-knowledge, we promote professional and human qualification. LEARN MORE
Casa School Casa School develops and provides lectures, workshops, and events – in Portuguese and English – intended for personal or professional growth, or the practice of a second language, outside the classroom. LEARN MORE
Casa Training Casa Training’s goal is to create and provide training services for companies, teams, and leaders that wish to boost results by taking their communication, teamwork, trust-building, leadership, and cultural intelligence to the next level. LEARN MORE